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Lab spray dryer

 laboratory spray dryer

1. The miniature laboratory spray dryer (small spray dryer) has a compact design and can be placed independently in the laboratory or placed on a specially designed stainless steel rack. It is self-contained and can be operated without other facilities. One-button start-up, large color LCD touch screen operation, two operating modes, fully automatic or manual monitoring, can be used to facilitate operation and monitoring of the experimental process. It is currently a spray dryer with the smallest volume, the least noise and excellent drying effect. Domestic Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University, Nankai University, Southeast University, China Agricultural University, More than 1500 colleges and universities and enterprises such as General Electric are selected.



2. Main features

●Original imported nozzle, high efficiency.

●Color LCD touch screen parameter display: air inlet temperature / air outlet temperature / peristaltic pump speed / air volume / needle frequency.

●Fully automatic control: one-button start-up, after setting the spray process parameters, the temperature reaches the predetermined temperature, the peristaltic pump starts, the running animation is displayed on the touch screen, and the running process is clearly displayed; just press the stop button when shutting down, the machine will automatically shut down safely.

●Manual control: if you need to adjust the process parameters during the experiment, you can easily switch to the manual state, and the color touch screen dynamic display (animation) throughout the experiment

●Equipped with a nozzle cleaner (through needle), when the nozzle is blocked, it will be automatically cleared, and the frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically.

●Shutdown protection function: Just press the stop button when shutting down, the machine will stop running except the fan immediately, to ensure that the equipment will not burn out due to misoperation (forced shutdown of the fan).

●The high-quality stainless steel used for spraying, drying and collecting system makes the drying process in a pollution-free environment.

●Built-in imported oil-free air compressor, the particle diameter of the powder spray is normally distributed, the fluidity is very good, the noise is very low, less than 60db.

●The atomization structure of the two-fluid spray, the whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel material, the design is compact, no auxiliary equipment is needed.

●The design of dry temperature control adopts real-time control PID constant temperature control technology, so that the temperature control in the full temperature zone is accurate, and the heating temperature control accuracy is ±1℃.

●In order to keep the sample pure, equipped with air inlet filter.

●The feed volume can be adjusted by the feed peristaltic pump, and the small sample volume can reach 50ml.

●The particle size of the finished dry powder after drying is relatively uniform, and more than 95% of the dry powder is in the same particle size range.

●For the sticky materials, there is a nozzle cleaner (through needle), which will be automatically cleared when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the needle can be adjusted automatically.

●Innovative tower wall purge device, higher material recovery rate.

●The air volume of the fan can be adjusted, with special protection function, the fan does not start, the heating cannot start.


3. Technical parameters

◆Inlet air temperature control: 30℃300℃ continuously adjustable

◆Outlet temperature control: 30℃140℃

◆Evaporated water: 1500mL/H2000ml/h

◆A large amount of feed: a large amount of 2000ml/h (adjustable)

◆Feeding method: peristaltic pump adjustment, feeding amount: 30-2000ml/h

◆Small feed volume: 50mL

◆Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃, adopt imported temperature control system

◆Average drying time: 1.01.5S

◆Dry air flux: air volume 0-330m3/h wind pressure 686Pa

◆ Compressor: Imported oil-free air compressor with good fluidity and very low noise. 0.55KW, gas production 4.2m3/h, working pressure 2-5bar

◆Jet device (through needle): variable firing pin frequency (built-in 2.3bar compressed air supply

◆Nozzle diameter: 0.5mm/0.7mm/0.75mm/1.0mm/1.5mm/2.0mm optional 1, and can be customized according to requirements

◆Shutdown protection function: just press the stop button when shutting down, the machine will stop running immediately except the fan, to ensure that the equipment will not burn out due to misoperation (forced shutdown of the fan).

◆Complete power: 3.5KW/220V

◆ Dimensions: 1300mm (height) × 650mm (length) × 800mm (width)



Small spray dryer configuration


1. Atomizer; 2. Large clamp; 3. Exhaust pipe; 4. Lock nut; 5. Cyclone separator; No. 6, 1 clamp; 7.


Collection bottle; 8, large clamp; 9, peristaltic pump; 10, drying room; 11, touch screen; 12, 2 clamps; 13, power switch;


14. Feeding tube; No. 15, 3 clamp; 16. Collecting tube




Package including  





Stainless Steel Drying chamber

 1set SUS316 1set glass


 Stainless steel cyclone

1set SUS316

1set glass


Stainless steel sample collection bottle

 1set SUS316 1set glass


 Stainless Steel Sample Collection Tube

 1set SUS316 1set glass


6 mm of silica gel tube



Nozzle 316 material 1.0



Clamps (stainless steel)





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