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Spray Dryer LPG-10
【Brief】:spray dryer for small batch scale production, evaporation capacity 10kg/h
Application ofLPG-10 spray dryer

This small  spray drier is used for small industrial production purpose or for doing experiment, for lab

spray dryer Description

LPG10 high-speed centrifugal Spray Dryer is applicable for the emulsion, suspension, paste and liquid solution. In polymers and resins, fuels, paints, ceramics, glass type, descaling agent, insecticide, carbohydrates, dairy products, detergents and surfactants, fertilizer,organic compounds and inorganic compounds of dry material ,the performance is particularly remarkable.This drier can be widely used into pharmaceutical, chemical , foodstuff and so on industries/field

Technical Description



Evaporation capacity

8-12 kg/h

Heating source




Overall size

1.75*2.1*2.8 m

Customize: 1. we can equipe this spray dryer with stainless steel ladder, which is easy for users to supervise from the top of ther dryer, check or replace the spray atomizer 
2. we can customize the drying chamber with insulation jacket. For some special industries, client required drying temperature higher than 300℃, so an insulation jacket is important to prevent operator burned by the wall of drying chamber
3. we can install another draft fan at top of the drying chamber to cool the jacket, this is an option for client
4. if user prefer steam as heating source, we can make steam heat exchanger for this spray dryer
5. if user require, we can install PLC control panel for this spray dryer, which is more convenient to control

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