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GFG-500 fluid bed dryer, 4000L V mixer, 3000L ribbon mixer, GFS-48 grinders send to Colobia
GFG-500 fluid bed dryer, for drying calcium powder  3000L ribbon mixer, heavy type for...
[ 2022/8/18 ]More>>
Ribbon mixer structure features:
Ribbon mixer structure features: 1. It consists of U-shaped container, ribbon stirri...
[ 2022/8/18 ]More>>
Two 3000L ribbon mixer
Tow ribbon mixer 3000L used to mixing calcium powder.  Ribbon mixers are generally use...
[ 2022/7/20 ]More>>
GFG-60 fluid bed dryer ready
Application of vertical high-efficiency boiling dryer: ● Mechanism screw extrusion granules, rock...
[ 2022/7/15 ]More>>
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