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Rounding Machine/Ball Shaping Machine
【Brief】:This machine makes damp granule into beautiful pellet by setting rotating centrifugal disk, blower, and pneumatic nozzle. Feed damp granule into rotating centrifugal disk
Application overview
The system is prepared by mixing the powder material with the binder to prepare a suitable soft material, and then extruding the soft material into columnar particles, and then putting it into a spherical shot blasting machine to form spherical particles with extremely high sphericity, and finally drying. The equipment dries off excess water to obtain the desired spherical particles.
System composition: mixing + preliminary granulation + full circle + dry + screening = finished product
Mixing: CH tank mixer or other mixer (mixing type); granulation: ZL rotary extrusion granulator or YK rocking granulator (granulation); full circle: QZL round granulator; drying: GFG high efficiency boiling dryer, FG boiling dryer, oven or others; screening: ZS vibrating screen or other.
See the following for each model
QZL round granulator
The wet granules made in the previous process are put into the rotating centrifugal disc, so that the wet granules are subjected to the buoyant air buoyancy, the rotating centrifugal force and the self-gravity, and are in the form of a circular rope strand, which is sprayed from the reasonable direction through the multi-fluid spray gun to the moving material layer. Into the formulation liquid, to form a pellet with a high degree of sphericity, the principle is similar to a rotating fluidized bed.
Typical applications: omeprazole pellets, aspirin pellets, feed enzyme pellets, sodium sulfate pellets, compound paracetamol
Pills, catalysts, composite VB2 film pellets.
*Blowers can be equipped with motor frequency conversion first, the whole grain is faster, the finished product is more beautiful
*The rotating disc adopts two-speed motor to maximize the appearance of the product.
*The material is operated in a closed container, no dust flying, safe operation

Technical Data
230 400 550 700 1000 1300
Power (Kw)
0.75 2.2 3 3.7 5.5 7.5
Capacity (kg/h)

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