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Technological processes and characteristics of spin flash dryer

Time:2018/9/27Source:Changzhou Chuangke Drying & Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd

Flash dryer

as a new device, a high-tech, high standardization, environmental protection, safety, low cost, easy maintenance, etc., in the design of the structure:

① dryer disposed inverted conical bottom structure, so that the drying gas flow area gradually expanded bottom-up, the bottom stream is relatively large, the upper part of the air flow is relatively small, in order to ensure at the same time the lower part of the large particles in a fluidized state, the upper part of the small particles are in a fluidized state and the hot air along the vertebral unit is rotated, improve bottom wind speed, reducing the length of the cantilevered portion of the agitator shaft, increasing the safety and reliability of operation; make bearing on the machine, effectively prevent the bearing at high temperatures work area, thus extending bearing life.
② stirring teeth set on the blade. Tooth material being crushed while stirring, and was thrown to the machine wall, bond on the wall, if not scraped, serious cause equipment vibration, and even lead to the agitator does not turn choke. Stirring teeth set on the blade, you can peel off in time sticking to the wall of a material, avoid sticky wall.
③ the number of revolutions of the agitator shaft is controlled by the variable speed motor. According to product size to select a different speed, the faster the stirring shaft speed, the smaller the particle size of the product.
④ drier upper part classifier. By changing the height of the hole diameter grading and classification section, and then change the air flow rate, leaving the dryer control the size and number of particles, and ultimately to control the moisture content and the material in the drying section of the residence time.
⑤ number of revolutions of the screw conveyor feeder is controlled by the inorganic speed motor. According to the material properties and drying process parameters control the feed rate.
⑥ compact equipment structure, small footprint, set drying, grinding, classification as a whole, is spiral technology, flow technology, spouted technology and organic combination of convection technology, do not need to dry grinding, screening, simplified production process, saving power and equipment costs.
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