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Rotary vacuum dryer features

Time:2018/9/27Source:Changzhou Chuangke Drying & Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd

 flow type heat shaft
Rotary vacuum dryer is also called rake type vacuum dryer, rotary shaft vacuum dryer, the rotary rake can access theheating medium, its surface can be used as a heat transfer surface and,therefore, axis and the rake teeth are collectively referred to as hotbox (also known as the agitator shaft).
For large rake type vacuum drier, hot box more than 60% of total heat transfer area of heat transfer area, which directly affect the dryer'sdrying efficiency of heat transfer. Effects of heat transfer to improvethermal axis, was used in the hot box special media flow, thussubstantially strengthening the heat transfer.
New sealing structure
Packing sealing with heat and pressure, simple structure, sealingreliable, economical and easy to maintain, and other advantages, so manydynamic seal adopts packing seal. But in the vacuum rake dryer,individual packing seals easy to make are dry material mixed with thepollution caused by foreign bodies, cover and heat sealing structure forshaft developed a new double, both to avoid foreign bodies fall into thematerial, but also solved the leakage of material.

1, closed and dry environment, dust, configure appropriate assistivedevices, to ensure workplaces no dust
2, set the stirring in the machine, the material within the tube to forma continuous loop, further improve the uniformity of the materialheating.
Harrow vacuum drier
Harrow vacuum drier
3, suitable for all need to vacuum dry materials (in addition to theparticle surface finish required materials).
4, set the stirring in the machine, so as to smooth paste, paste, paste-like materials dry.
5, you can choose the Variant that corresponds to the device according to the demand.
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