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SP Tablet/ Capsule Counter
【Brief】:small batch tablet counter
【Series】:Tablet Press

Technical Parameters:
Model: SP100-2
Power: 220V 80W
Counting range: 00 # Up to 100 capsules / bottle, up to 120 0 # capsules / bottle, 1 # capsule up to 150 / bottle, according to the size of the tablet 10-500 sheet circular tablet (diameter 12MM, thickness 5MM may number 500 / bottle / time). Per revolution installed two bottles.
Few grains of plate holes: 00 # Up to 200 holes up to 240 holes 0 # 1 # 280 holes at most, tablets and other items according to the number of holes the size of the material.
Scope: This machine is mainly used for counting and bottling various types of capsules, tablets, soft capsules, pill and other regular shape of the article, bagging!
Dimensions: 420 × 420 × 780mm
Machine weight: 45kg


tablet counter

apply to

tablets, pills, capsules

counting board holes:


count range

1-100 / time


10-20 bottles / min

power supply

220V, 550W


60 × 50 × 70 (cm)

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