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Belt dryer structure

Time:2018/9/27Source:Changzhou Chuangke Drying & Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd

1) single-stage belt dryers: dry material from the feed end of the charging device is evenly distributed through to the output tape. Stainless steel sheet conveyor usually made of perforated, driven by the motor via a gearbox, adjustable speed. Drying cabinet body usually divided into several units, in order to independently control the operating parameters to optimize operations. There is a drying stage between the isolated segments, in this non-drying medium circulation.
(2) Multi-level belt dryer: Multi-level belt drying consists essentially of several single-stage belt dryer series, whose operating principle and single-stage belt dryer same.
(3) multilayered belt dryer: multilayered belt dryer commonly used for low drying speed requirements, the drying time is longer, the whole drying process to maintain constant process conditions occasions. Spacer layer is disposed between the directional flow to tissue drying medium, so that uniform drying. Multilayer belt dryer small footprint, simple structure, widely used in drying grain in. However, due to the operation to be repeated loading and unloading, and therefore does not apply to dry and easy to tack and not allow the fragmentation of the belt material.
(4) Impact with dryer: Impact belt dryer is suitable for drying fabrics, tobacco, surface coatings and other thin sheet substrate material. Impact with dryer usually consists of two conveyor components. Impact with the machine can be partitioned into independent control unit sections. After drying medium humidification, partial discharge, and the other part is returned after the incorporation of the drying medium circulates fresh.
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