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The basic selection of spray dryer

Time:2018/9/27Source:Changzhou Chuangke Drying & Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd

When thousands of spray-dried material needs, their chemical composition and physical properties are quite different, so far, spray drying is still said to be a skill, to some extent true. Characteristics of the spray dryer in estimating and design process, due to the actual characteristics of the material and its state of motion in the drying tower is difficult to express using the theoretical formula, therefore, they tend to play a big role in practice. Design parameters and past experience, often do not discuss with strong theoretical research. Current estimates and design characteristics of the spray dryer is not just only on the basis of theoretical analysis, but also rely on test data and practical experience accumulated for a long time vendors.
When you select the spray drying equipment supplier when the following elements should be considered
1. First of all suppliers to make a comprehensive understanding of the ability to serve you. ,
2. To the suppliers of engineering and technical personnel for the detailed and comprehensive technical exchanges, to see his skill level in this area is that you have the ability to be tailored to meet the requirements for production.
3. Supplier of customers are familiar with the material properties, especially in that it does not get involved in the pre-treatment and the like.
4. A comprehensive understanding of supplier production scale, as well as in the areas of their success stories, for reference reference.
5. Whether suppliers can give guests test conditions before placing an order, it is best to do the test in advance, be aware of.
6. Look suppliers in the design, theoretical calculation process, the equipment is operating and energy fully into account the objective conditions. A good supplier should the guests standing position, to minimize energy consumption, and strive to create the maximum benefits for the enterprise.
7. Fully understand the vendor's customer service to capacity, customer service philosophy, as well as spare parts inventory.
8. It is best to go to the customer site provided by the supplier, understanding and reputation of suppliers and equipment actual production conditions.
9. In the purchase of equipment, first look at the integrity of the timber, configuration of the system.
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